Saturday, September 12, 2009

On the road again...

Ok, it's been two months but in my defense it's been a pretty busy two months.First, at the end of July, Fred and I took a trip up to Calamus to go camping with Brent and Katie. We had a great time! The weather was perfect, the beer was cold and most importantly it was quiet! (most of the time) So let's start with some pictures of the "good boating".

Very peaceful!

Captain Fred

Did I mention it was absolutely beautiful!?

Now...the "bad boating."
1. Apparently an "older" boat tends to build up a lot of "gunk" if you will which can reside in the engine shaft (I'm making this part up because I have no idea what it's called) preventing the boat from actually turning. This is usually better to know before you put it in the water, but nonetheless, we got out, and had some helpful fellow campers willing to lend a hand!!

2. Also, when you go to buy a boat battery...better not to skimp on quality. Additional lesson...playing the radio while trolling on the lake, may lead to dead battery and need for more than 1 1/2 oars! ...ooops thank goodness the one random man out in the lake boonies was the son of the head of the Marina! :) This resulted in a very angry captain!! It didn't help a storm was moving in and we were all starting to freeze.

Additional pics from camping....

Yes, this is was as stupid as it looks...but it was so much fun!
Fred made a great dinner the one night, braised short ribs and potatoes...and who said camping food can't be gourmet!? It was incredible.

Next... We took a trip to the Omaha Zoo, always a good time! Wyatt loves carousels and choo choo trains and goats so this is right up his alley! Stay tuned.

More to come on our trip to Maywood to see Fred's fam and our infamous trip to St. Louis as well!

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Team Fuller said...

wow, I don't know what to say! Looks like a really fun time and you have some incredible photos!