Sunday, September 20, 2009

Maywood and the Zoo

Maybe not all in the right order, but nonetheless.

We made a trip out to Maywood so Fred could help the volunteer fire department with some training. Wyatt got to see horses, cows, and even mow the lawn with Grandpa. He got to drive all by himself (until grandpa got sick of going in circles!)

A little playing with daddy on the trampoline...Wyatt loved to "jump."
The whole time he ran around daddy yelling, "super fast." We later found out this was a quote from Dora the Explorer we didn't know he had learned.

Wyatt and Bushie got to pet the baby calves at Kelsey's friends house. Kelsey's friend also had horses, Wyatt was just besides himself to see them up close and personal!

...And a little playing in the park.
Grand Island has a great little park, they even have train rides, this is a great place for little ones to work off some energy, I think dad had a good time too.

Wyatt's favorite things, are goats, monkeys, Carousels, and choo choo trains, so off to the Zoo we went. We had a great time, went with mom and dad and did a lot of walking! Needless to say the kids were pooped out by the time we left, but you can't beat Wyatt's monkey impression:

"Oooohh Ahhh Ahhh"

This is one proud papa....


Cheryl said...

OMG! I know you wanted a little girl that looked like you, but take another look at the pic of Fred and Bella looking up. Their faces are shaped just the same! Very nice blog.

Team Fuller said...

I just noticed the title of your blog! Love it!

Great pictures, thank you for updating your blog! I haven't seen pics of my niece and nephew for too long and they're already so much bigger than this summer! Please squeeze them for me. Love you all