Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yea yea yea....

I'm terrible at blogging which is interesting because I love reading and writing, but somehow this seems to require more effort than I maintain on a daily basis. It doesn't help that I have to muddle through the challenge of typing without the majority of a keyboard, oh the pleasures of the terrible 2's. (it's ok, he only picked off non-important ones like "E" and "ENTER" and "TAB" not to mention the " key. It makes for a complicated email or internet search let me tell you!

Ok, lets start where we left off...

Wyatt is officially two and loving it. He can count to 15 (which caused mommy and daddy's jaw to drop because we never taught him that! God bless daycare!), he says his ABC's, and loves to tell you the names and sounds of animals and identify everything by color. It is so neat to watch him grow, he is turning into a little man for sure!

Fred and I took a much needed vacation to Las Vegas! We stayed at Mandalay Bay, then drove to California for the wedding of our dear friend Misty and her fantastic new husband Jeremy. We had an incredible time and really took the time to reconnect with eachother baby free! We missed the kids so much, but it was definitely easier knowing they were in good hands. Grandma and Grandpa Yoder braved a 5 day babysitting extravaganzaa!

When we got back, we all made a trip to the Children's museum in Lincoln which was fantastic. Wyatt is a crazy man and takes advantage of every opportunity to run and play!

Hilary made it home the end of June and spent a couple weeks between KC and Nebraska. It was fantastic! I can't believe I ever doubted her maternal instinct. She's incredible. Quinny is the beautiful, well adjusted, happy, smiley baby! She just can't sleep through the sound of a pin dropping. I'd say if that's your biggest fault you're golden! It broke my heart to say goodbye to her, I just wanted to love her up! Me and the fam are going to make a trip down to Dallas this fall around Thanksgiving time to visit Team Fuller, I miss them so much already. Did I mention Quinny crawls! Everywhere, she's amazing....Here are some pictures from their trip here...
Happy 4th of July- Mom and Dad came to soak up all 3 grandkids for the 4th!

Fred and I then decided to head to Norfolk for a Big N Rich concert along with Zac Brown Band. It was fantastic, we went with an old college buddy of Fred's, Timmy and his wife Erin. We had so much fun and took the kids, they got a chance to play with Timmy and Erin's 3 yr old, MJ and their 1 yr old Britley. (and 2 very brave babysitters) (this all took place somewhere in the middle of Hil's stay in Lincoln and her trip up to th big city of Grand Island)


Bella is finally starting to crawl! She doesn't have much coordination yet, but she's getting there. She can definitely get where she wants to go, sometimes it just takes her a bit! Here is a picture of her getting ready to bear crawl in her crib (Wyatt decided to get in and play with her, thats his leg in the corner)

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Team Fuller said...

I'm so excited you've decided to post!!!!!! What a beautiful entry too. Thank you for covering everything since Wyatt's birthday in June, ha! That's a lot to cover girl, maybe you should post more often... :)
You are such a wonderful sister and I miss you very much. Give those gorgeous babies a kiss from me!