Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wyatt's Bday

As I'm beginning to think about Bella's birthday in November, I thought I'd quickly share the cake we made for Wyatt's bday. Also, I'm really getting into Pinterest and wanted to pin this. Apparently you can't pin off of Facebook so here it goes.

Wyatt really wanted DINOSAURS! I searched and searched online and found a lot of ideas, however, time was of the essence and I needed something fairly simple to do. This turned out great!


Here's how it went down. I bought a red velvet cake mix and a chocolate cake mix. Doesn't matter, you can use any type you like.

I used an angel food cake for one mix (the chocolate in this case) and the large Pampered Chef batter bowl for the second mix. You can check online on how to use the Pampered chef bowl, it baked for a LONG time but came out great. When both were done and cooled, I flipped over the angel food cake and placed the pampered chef cake (dome shaped) upside down on top.
I then shaved the sides of the cake to create a volcano like shape. For the icing, I bought store bought frosting and mixed in crushed Oreo cookies for texture. After the cake was frosted, I colored cream cheese frosting orange, heated it in the microwave a little and poured it over the top for the lava.
We added a few "Dinosaur Train" figurines and found some toothpick trees at a party store to stick in the sides. A little green cream cheese frosting for vegetation and blue frosting for a pond and wa-la! We also found these little egg shaped candies, they were gummy inside but looked like dinosaur eggs so we took some chow mein noodles and mixed with chocolate frosting to make a nest. Turned out perfectly!
Finally, my genius husband took a small dip cup (the kind you get at restaurants for side of ranch, ketchup etc.) and dug a small hole in the top of the cake, he placed the cup in and filled with dry ice, we now had a working (smoking) volcano! Bravo! My 4 year old was thrilled and this was by far the easiest cake we have done!
Happy Baking!

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