Sunday, October 9, 2011

No ordinary sandwich night!

Ok, so today was a rainy dreary day. By the time supper was here we were determined to just have a "sandwich" night. However, tonight, was no ordinary sandwich night!

All of my new creations this weekend have sort of been a bust with my kiddos. I was bound and determined to give them something they'd love. What are Wyatt's favorite foods? Peanut butter and jelly and "sushi" although he'll try half a piece of sushi and then he's good to go. So for tonight, he's having peanut butter and jelly sushi! That's right, not even joking. He ate it up and loved using his chopsticks. Finally, Success! Well almost, Bella wasn't as thrilled but that's sort of her M.O. lately so it was expected. Here's how we did it, obviously very simple but I learned a few lessons along the way.

2 pieces of bread
Peanut butter (I use creamy because it's their favorite)
Jam (our family is die hard Smuckers Strawberry users)

Take the bread and cut off the crusts. With a rolling pin, thin out the bread slices so they're nice and thin, this will make rolling them up much easier. Then, apply a thin layer of peanut butter and an even thinner layer of jam. I say this because as I rolled, the jam sort of all oozed out the end and I ended up scraping a bunch off. Once both layers are spread evenly, just roll the piece up and cut into pieces. I let it stand for a couple of minutes to kind of set, then put the roll seam down on my cutting board, this helped keep it rolled up while cutting.
Here's the final product, I felt fancy so added a couple drops of honey to the plate for effect.
What do you think?

Next, Fred and I decided we needed something equally as appetizing for the over 4 years old crowd. We had some left over smoked pork roast from dinner on Friday and some great Italian Bread from the grocery store. We added some Havarti cheese slices and whipped up some coleslaw, fried an egg and wha la! The ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. Although Fred is convinced this no longer qualifies as a grilled cheese given the number of ingredients but I disagree, it's just a little more gourmet now! Either way it was very tasty! The bread got a little darker than desired but didn't affect the flavor at all, still fantastic!

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Hilary said...

I make the sushi for Quinn. I use honey and we call it pooh bear sushi. She loves it!