Saturday, December 5, 2009

Halloween and Bella's Birthday!

Well, we'll work our way back. Bella was fortunate enough to have 3 separate 1st birthday parties this year. The first one was in Dallas with her cousin Quinny (see pictures at Hil's blog:
The second one was combined with Fred's family Thanksgiving in Maywood on Thanksgiving Day.
The third one was the Sunday after Thanksgiving at our place. Everything was wonderful, the kids had a great time and Bella had a great cake! We had a blast making this one. Fred was kind enough to bake the cakes for me the Friday before. One banana cake, and one chocolate cake. I made the frosting and frosted it on Saturday, and Saturday evening Mom and I decorated it! She did the vines and leaves along with the piping, and I did the monkeys and presents. We got together to form all of the bananas and bunches right at the end. It was beautiful! See for yourself...
Here's the birthday girl herself, she didn't get her personal cake for this party, she had been caked out! But a piece of banana cake with cream cheese frosting went over just fine. She loves the attention and we had a great party. Fred smoked some pork and we had bbq pork sandwiches, they were wonderful. I still maintain that smoker was the best present he's ever got. (excluding me of course) :)
Here are a few pictures from Halloween I never got up. Fred and Wyatt carved a pumpkin, Wyatt was not thrilled with the texture of the insides, so tiger dug them out instead!

Here's the one and only shot of Wyatt in the full outfit...he wasn't a big fan of the headpiece, but loved growling at everyone!

...and last but not least my little cheerleader practicing her moves. This is all the kids at daycare trick or treating, it is quite the feat and they are sent home with oodles of candy!

Now for Christmas...

Yes, I know the tree is lopsided, but its artificial and I don't know how to fix it.
Wyatt is my big helper this year!
I though this was precious...


Team Fuller said...

i'm so excited to see an update! That cake is very impressive, makes me want to practice with fondant and come up with something cool like that. I love it!

Sarah and Drew said...

I am more than impressed with Bella's cake. WOW! Are you sure you're not in the wrong line of work?

Madge said...

I have to agree - the cake is awesome!!
Thanks for the update - the kids are growing so very fast!!