Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Ok, I was going for a smaller birthday party this year and was traveling for work last week, getting ready to go on vacation next week, and in the madness forgot to invite a lot of people to our "small" bday party. If you were one of those people I left off my last minute email invitation, I apologize, it's been a little crazy.

Wyatt did however have a wonderful birthday and a big THANK YOU goes out to all who contributed. He had loads of fun playing with Camden and his cousins...
Thought it was pretty funny to jump in the pool fully clothed!
And had the best birthday cake known to man! Thank you grandma Yoder for the most amazing looking cake. I'm truly blessed that Wyatt has such a loving family. I could have never pulled this all together without everyone. Between mom decorating the cake and bringing potato salad to dad entertaining Bella so I could keep Wyatt from drowning in the pool, to Steve and his help last minute cleaning, and Kelsey's babysitting while I tied up loose ends!
We love you all and appreciate all of the love and support you give us on a daily basis. I can't believe my baby is 2 years old already, he had his first day of actual Sunday school today also, wow, what a weekend! He's growing up so fast, what a blessing this family is!

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Team Fuller said...

I'm so sad that we could not be there, it looks like a blast! I can't believe he's two years old, either. He's so amazing, you both have much to be proud of. We'll see you very, very soon!!!!