Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Well, this has been a busy weekend! We went to Stuhr museum again today, we still had so much to do after yesterday we decided to give it another go this morning. We fed the ducks, played in the flowers, ate lunch, and played played played! I just had to take more pictures, the kids weren't exactly cooperating, but we still got some great ones!

Wyatt is feeding the ducks...

He's such a big boy, he's so independent, orneriness comes with this, but he just amazes us on a daily basis. As the first child, I think they always hold a special place in your heart, there is a bond with him I cannot explain.

Then there's Bella, she's a diva, a princess, and an angel all in one, I can't help but just love her to pieces. Maybe it's the fact that she's a girl, but she holds my heart in her hands. These kids, I tell ya, have their momma wrapped around their finger, look at those smiles, who could resist?

This just showcases his ornery side doesn't it?

It's memorial day, after working with people who lose their loved ones daily, hug your babies, tell your spouses that you love them, and thank God for every man and woman who have sacrificed their families and their lives so that we can enjoy ours. Because no matter how much I seem to complain about this or that, I get to come home to these beautiful smiling faces and a husband who loves me unconditionally. I couldn't be more blessed.

Today I remember the friends, classmates, and family that I've lost and although sometimes it hurts so much to think about them for all selfish reasons, I take to today to remember the good things to: My Grandma Faust making jokes about black and white nurses aides who helped at the nursing home (same name and she wondered how she'd ever be able to tell them apart!) and loving her racey novels, my Grandma Yoder and how excited I was to run over to her first when Fred proposed. For some reason she was the first one I wanted to tell, and she took one look at my face at her doorstep and knew exactly why I was there. I wish they could see my babies grow up!

Have a great week and say a small prayer that Courtney and I get to Orlando and back safe and sound. Maybe say a prayer for Fred too, that his sanity hangs in their until Friday night.


Team Fuller said...

It's hard to type with tears in my eyes! That was very sweet and so nice to read. Your pics are great, I'm so excited that you're loving the camera!!!! You have some really great photos of the kids! They're beautiful, you two are doing an amazing job with them. Love you!

Cheryl said...

God bless you all!


Sarah and Drew said...

Great posts Heather! Agreed, very touching. I too have very fond memories of Stuhr museum. I'm so glad you guys love it.