Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Time! Ok it's been a while

.........isn't she precious? I love my new camera!
Well, I don't really have any excuses, yes I'm busy, but the truth is, my free time has been consumed with "New Moon" the second book in the twilight series, catching up on my DVR recordings (there's an abnormal amount building up) when Fred is home, and going to bed at 9:00 when he's not.
I'm getting things ready around the house since I leave for Orlando Wednesday morning for 2 days, I'll be back Friday evening and while I'm a little hesitant being away from Fred and the kids for that long, I'm looking forward to the sleep and spending time on the 3rd Twilight book. I'm going for work, a new Amgen study for Lung Cancer related anemia (ok, just lost 1/2 of you I'm sure) but either way, the investigator meeting is where we learn the ins and outs of the study and help prepare us to run things smoothly, I don't think it'll be difficult one, but it's always nice to go to these and get pampered a little. Courtney, my co-worker will be going with me, leaving Mary all by her lonesome in the office, I know she'll do great, but we'll be keeping our cell phones on and in close proximity. :)
We are definitey enjoying the summer, Fred's dad, Steve, came down a few weekends ago and they put up our fence, this was fantastic! Now we can let him run around the back yard and fun off some energy. The kids are definitely having fun in the sun!

Fred decided to take Wyatt fishing last week, I think they both had fun, although Fred was a little frustrated at the fact that Wyatt's attention span resembles that of a "gnat" I believe were the exact words. I'm sure this is just the beginning...
This weekend has been wonderful, yesterday it was just me and the kids so we went on a walk, played outside, got lots of things done inside (4 or 5 loads of laundry, picking up my bathroom, and toys galore), and even went to visit Fred at the station. Wyatt had a blast watching the firetrucks and seeing their lights.
Today, we got up, had breakfast, waited for Fred to get home...then we loaded up the kids and went to church. They did great, Wyatt ran right into the church daycare and Bella smiled the whole way. It was the first Sunday Fred has been able to join me in a while, so that was nice. Then we decided to head over to Stuhr Museum, we walked around railroad town, had lunch, visited the "choo choos", the jail, and played around. We had a great time, so much to see, it was almost disappointing the kids were tuckering out so quick. We made it about 2 hours, then we were going to see more, but the kids were done! We loaded in the car and within about 90 seconds, both were sawing logs.
After nap time, we ordered pizza, ate outside so Wyatt could play on his swingset, then decided to retreat inside to wind down for the night. Everyone is pretty pooped so it was an early night.

Tomorrow, I think we're going to try to go back to Stuhr tomorrow so we can feed the ducks, fish, and play a little more. Hopefully we can spend a little more time since they open earlier and we should get a little more play time in before nap.

Talk about the ideal place to take pictures! I plan on taking many more tomorrow! It's absolutely beautiful there!

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for posting! That was wonderful. These blogs are a great way for us grandparents to stay involved. Even tho we get to your place more often than Hil's, we still feel like we miss a lot. This helps! Love you!