Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patty's Day!!!

I can't help it...this post is just full of cheezy funny things!

First, Wyatt now does an impression of Stevie Wonder...check it out. He is so funny, when he's not driving me to drink, he is making us laugh hysterically! I know people are reading my blog thinking..."oh poor thing, she's so depressed." I'm not, I get overwhelmed, but then I get around these crazy kids and sometimes all you can do is laugh hysterically. Wyatt had Fred and I in stitches over his "goofy eyes."

Last night was eventful to say the less... it was Wyatt's first night in a big boy bed. We found a thomas the train bed on craig's list and Wyatt is absolutely obsessed with "choo choo's". Needless to say he was more than excited. He slept through the night and couldn't wait to go to bed tonight either. It's definitely a welcomed addition to his room! Now if we can just keep him out of there...getting ready this morning was a little challenging.

Finally, here's the kids in their St. Patty's P.J.'s thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Yoder, they were so funny, all smiles! Wyatt even had his arm around Bella, too cute! I know the color is off, I need to adjust the color on my camera, but it's adorable none the less.

What a blessing these two are, even though it can be exhausting, we are having so much fun wrestling around and playing constantly. We can't wait for Summer to be here!


Cheryl said...

What wonderful pictures! And the St. Patty's one is so cute! They are both together and smiling! I love it! Thank you so much for the blog. Between you and Hilary, it's so nice to keep up with things! We are such lucky parents and grandparents!

Madge said...

Too cute and too funny!
Hope all is well with you all!
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Together We Save said...

Great pictures. You have a beautiful family.