Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh good grief

What do I have to complain about? Nothing, I was in bed thinking last night that I am so lucky. I have a beautiful healthy family, Fred and I both have jobs, a home, etc. Yet I'm still complaining that I can't breathe because I have a foot jammed into my diaphragm 24/7.
I have an interview tomorrow for an Internal Med office, their clinical trials department. Not sure how I feel about it, I really like my Oncology job right now, I just wish it was full time. I don't fee like I ever get anything accomplished going 2 days a week. I figure it never hurts to keep my feelers out there!
We had our last (most likely) ultrasound last week. Baby girl is still a girl and growing wonderfully. She is 3 lbs 10 oz so far, right on track. Looks like we're still shooting for the end of November, first of December.
Otherwise, not much else to report, Wyatt and I spent the weekend with Mom in Lincoln which was wonderful. We had a such a nice time. Just played a lot and hung out around the house, it was great, we were all disappointed when we had to head for home. He definitely loves his grandma! Fortunately he was sleeping when we left so he didn't realize until we were in Grand Island that Grandma was no longer there, otherwise, there may have been trouble.
We were supposed to go to Jake and Angie's Wedding this weekend, unfortunately Fred was called for mandatory overtime so he stayed in GI. One of the downfalls of his job I guess. It doesn't seem to bad except he only gets 24 hours off until he goes back, that always seems hard.
Nonetheless, he loves his job so we deal with it.
We did get an armoire off of craigslist this weekend and my parents are letting us refinish a dresser that they have for the baby's room, so now we just need to finish the flooring, paint, and get a changing pad, not to mention haul a trailer down to Lincoln to pick up all of this furniture! Either way, Bella's room is coming together and it's a great feeling. Next stop, diaper genie!

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