Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ok, it's been a little since I've written. Fred finished sanding the nursery floor last night. This is a BIG step in getting baby Arabella's room done and ready! Now we just have to stain and paint the steps.
As for me, I'm whiny, crabby, and sore. Fred is dealing with me very well and keeping his eye rolling to a minimum. I've decided it really is true, your body somehow blocks out all of the terrible parts of pregnancy. As much as I try to convince myself that all of the back pain and belly pain I'm having is completely foreign to me, I think it's a cover. I think I have repressed those memories... I'm pretty sure the more I think about it, the third trimester of pregnancy sucks, all around, no exceptions.
I have a Dr. Appt tomorrow, after one trip to the ER with back pain so bad I thought I had a kidney stone, I'm sure she'll just smile and tell me everything is fine. The good news is we will schedule our last ultrasound, so hopefully we'll get one last good look at our baby girl before we start painting her room!
More to come after the appt!

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