Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Home Sick

Ok, I think I've done a pretty good job managing two small children at home. However, I think my patience is getting maxed and I feel terrible. I love my babies so much, Wyatt is home sick, he's been sick since last Friday. It's about more than I can take looking at my child hurting and knowing there's nothing I can do. Wow, how frustrating. I know every parent goes through this but it just breaks your heart. Thankfully, even sick, I have two wonderfully well behaved kids. Wyatt is full of love and gives it out freely. He's very trusting and wears his heart on his sleeve. While I know that can cause problems, he's a lot like his mommy, and frankly his daddy too and I hope that never changes.

Bella on the other hand is laid back as well, but a little more of a diva. When she's ticked, she lets you know! But when she smiles, you just melt. I took this video earlier today, she changes every single moment and each one better than the last. Ok, so the video is totally dorky, but you just have to love it!

What a light these babies are in our lives, Fred and I are so lucky, how we ever deserved these two beautiful kids I'll never know but we are so thankful for them!


Team Fuller said...

she's so precious i just want to hug and squeeze her!

Sarah & Drew said...

I think this video next to Fred's head on the left...she totally looks like him. She's a gem!